exhaust cone

exhaust cone
: the tapered exhaust pipe of a jet engine

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  • exhaust cone — An assembly behind the turbine wheel of a gas turbine engine, consisting of an inner cone surrounded by an outer cone or casing, the open end of which forms the exhaust nozzle. The function of the exhaust cone is to collect and direct discharge… …   Aviation dictionary

  • exhaust nozzle — That part of an exhaust cone that opens into the tailpipe; also referred to as the nozzle shaped end of the tailpipe. The nozzle acts as an orifice whose size determines the density and velocity of outgoing air. In some cases, the nozzle geometry …   Aviation dictionary

  • inner cone — A cone shaped part in the tailpipe of a gas turbine engine, just aft of the turbine wheel, forming part of the exhaust cone …   Aviation dictionary

  • tail cone — noun : the exhaust tube of a jet engine * * * Rocketry. a cone shaped component at the rear of a jet engine, rocket, or missile, usually serving as an exhaust pipe. * * * tail cone, the cone shaped assembly behind a turbojet engine through which… …   Useful english dictionary

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  • tail cone — i. The cone shaped section of the exhaust system of a gas turbine engine used to produce the correct change of area of the duct through which the exhaust gases leave the engine. ii. The rearmost part of an aircraft fuselage …   Aviation dictionary

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